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Crossover Audi got feature game stations


The company introduces a new entertainment system for drivers. A completely new type of entertainment in the car, Audi announced before the opening of the CES show-2019 in Las Vegas was not even one, but several developments, which we describe in detail. First and foremost, is a game in which …

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Hyundai prepares innovative premiere


The car presentation will take place in Detroit. Hyundai will show in Detroit a hydrogen supercar. About this in his interview said the head of the sports division of the brand, albert Biermann. Korean edition Motograph with reference to the head of the unit N AB Birman told that Hyundai …

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The Porsche 911 can turn in the SUV


The company does not exclude the possibility of creating a new revision. The German company representatives do not exclude the possibility of limited production of the SUV on the basis of a sports car. As reported by foreign media with reference to the head of the sales Department of the …

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Audi has shared the characteristics of the updated RS Q3


The power of the car will make more than 400 horsepower. Instead of releasing the S1/RS1 Sportback as we would like fans of «hot», Audi is focusing on crossovers. SQ2 was released last year in Europe and spy shots have shown that then there will be SQ8, followed by RS …

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The pros and cons of re-studding tires


In winter, some car owners face a question: whether to buy new winter tyres, or used, or re-Osipovichi their old. Tire calculator Generally speaking, re-studding tires is a good thing. But it is useful only if by themselves, the tyres are still new, deep tread and no damage yet. To …

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Owners of PNDs and DVRs can be fined 500 rubles


IBDD has launched a company to combat anti-radar devices. Under this formulation fall within navigators and DVRs because they can be used to memorize the location of the radar can detect the speed of the passing vehicle. In addition, paragraph 7,3 of the Rules of the road prohibits the installation …

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