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Adventure in the Krasnodar Region: the theft of pension money from the post office

Приключение в Краснодарском Крае: кража пенсионных денег с почтового отделения

The perfect crime, which took place in Goryachiy Klyuch, Krasnodar Krai, made a woman. Accomplices she has, by assumption of the police was not.

The day before Sunday, that is Saturday, December 22, collectors delivered to the local post office the money was intended for payment of pensions. Already looking forward to the elderly, who struggle to make it to the next pensions.

Thought Monday, December 24, they will receive their hard-earned pension benefits, but did not work: their pension taken away by the thief who robbed a post office on Sunday, December 23.

What the police say in this case? Most likely, the thief somehow knew all the entrances and exits to the premises of the email, knew about the protective equipment, which was guarded by a post office.

A thief planned the crime and played it like a fiddle.Prepared in advance key opened the front door, then quietly and without fuss entered the vestibule. And there is used a series of keys, and the first was electronic, which it withdrew from the protection of the premises.

It’s clear that a stranger could not so carefully plan the operation without knowing the location of the offices, ways of approach thereto, and other nuances. Because then she had to open three doors, which it was necessary to pick up the keys – all different.

Yes and the cashier had to open the keys and also different, which were stored here in the room, and knew only a narrow circle of employees of the postal service.

A thief and everyone knew it. Where? It is the task of the deciphering where you can find local detectives from the police Department.

Administration of the Hot Key did not want to comment on the situation. The information that a theft has occurred, confirmed by the local police.

And postal service Management of Federal postal service (AFPS) in Krasnodar region promised that pensions will be paid to every single person without delay.

The police are looking for the criminal, militiamen contribute in the search for an unknown robber employees of internal security Management of postal communication.

Money and material value of the mail is insured, reported in the management.

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