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A question for the Big press conference of Vladimir Putin. Where is the money?

Вопрос к Большой пресс-конференции Владимира Путина. Где деньги, Зин?

Verbal design, beginning with a special word and completing a curved flourish, is the question. Questions in the verbal mass is not too small. In fact, everything that is not an affirmation or a negation, there is a question. Questions are asked on different occasions. For the sake of jokes, without thinking, shake the air, just like that. But still, in some issues there is some expectation. Waiting for a response. Preferably true. A truthful answer to a specific question. Herein lies the crux of the matter, his sweetness. Asked? Get it!

As one literary character, the truth is easy and pleasant. It was a very naive, simple character. His name was Jesus Christ. We all know that the truth is not easy and not always pleasant. No, of course, there are issues that carry a certain aura. «Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the library?» even the bully did not refuse to answer if is the right direction. Moreover, he will rise self-esteem, mood, and culture. A very useful question.

«Where money, Zin?» — this question is literally in the air lately. That is not surprising because the gap between rich and poor is growing. This is not to hide. This can be seen with the naked eye. Well if growing up in America, in England, abroad. But we Soviet, us this is not usual, we are still surprised. This question came to us from the Soviet depths. In this humorous at first glance, the question lies a deep allegory. In voprosam we see compressed into a single fist the way of the working population, the laborer. He came home nemacaulis with a sledgehammer, sow bread, Saburov well. Came, dropping his tired body on a stool. He wants to eat, he needed meat, needed a shot of vodka, Yes. He reaches into his stash, and that is empty.

He raises a heavy glance at his wife and gently says — «Where money, Zin?»

So who do we have hiding in the way Zina, revusky, hohotushki, dropping money into the wind? All eyes of the working population, formed in a spear, the sharp tip pointing towards you, Mr. President. You, incomparable Vladimir Vladimirovich, and you, Zinka. You blew our money on the Olympics and the world Cup. Your polovnicky on our blood napokupali yourself yachts, castles, football clubs. To the West go and go and go echelons of Russian goodness. Why are you so because we loved you? Our marriage is bursting at the seams. Silent?!

To answer this question is simple. Issues based on the word «where?» is easy otbrykivatsya «to Karaganda». Many satisfied with this answer. Causes of benevolence. Specifies that the responding still has a sense of humor. You have the humor, Mr. President? Answer so return the courtesy.

Question — «And where is promised in the may decrees twenty-five million high-paying jobs?». Wow, not a question, but voprosische. May decrees is omitted, do not read. I blame not removed, but mediaproject could hurry up. Bad gave the population of the subject. However, it’s not too late. Remember, this was a fun song…pink roses… Svetka Sokolova… All, nothing else. «…may decrees…La, La, La…our people…La, La, La». Twist one verse in the beginning with all the news on the Federal channels. Long twist, from may to may.

«Where is twenty-five million high-paying jobs?». Yeah, there Karaganda little. And, actually, nothing to hide, Mr Putin? It’s time to slash the plain truth. Themselves ought not, of course, charge Mr. Kiselev, he will, let him Sunday night on the second channel mark. Not to sound fawning, but the Lord Kiselev, Dmitry Medvedev, the same Napoleon looks just like You. A proud state, breed right sticks. Climb Kiselev in the box, the chest will stoparic and say:

You still think that you live in the USSR? It’s socialism? Ochuhalsya come out of the coma, a quarter of a century has passed, the CC in Santa Barbara as not to NAP. Many years ago, ginger shreds, circling in the sky on his plane, shouting down at you — Fuckers, not that we are restructuring up to you to live well, and to communism in the coffin of your drive. So vyzh. Capitalism is a Western was nice. Her you wished it and got it.

However, to the subject, counting on his fingers. Paying the number one place. Working, you can say, slave. Registered. The Place Of The President Of Russia. Two hundred high-paying jobs — the oligarchy. Registered. Modestly hidden in the pages of Forbes magazine. Fullness, Lord, You know, the barons of Russian business, to hide their faces. This is your country, even though you come here the collisions. Feel free to tell narodishko, how to succeed, how to become rich in our reality. Upstart Carnegie, go home. After all the relish in capitalism to get rich. You guys are a legend. Realize themselves that are the founders of the clans? For many centuries, but what’s there, forever, two hundred families will cover the Russian land. Abramovich, Berezovsky, Chubais and Vekselberg… guilty, Berezovsky discarded, is not justified. What glorious names.

The government, both chambers, government, judicial, Church and diplomatic corps, generals…time to bend? Money in the country to the fools. Who needs us, forgave, gave another. Still nowhere to go. In the Boards because the job was good? Imagining some of the pay scale, ranks, salary. Labor, you see, to evaluate puffed up. Say, for work to pay relies. Idiots. For devotion and loyalty to pay relies. In the highest understanding. In the country a lot of organizations cantoris, offices, bureaus. In offices people are sitting. Well work too. In office rush money, car, bag, bag — no equalization. The head office distributes them. All. Perfectly working mechanism. Who should they received.

What do you want? Marx probably did not read? But it is capitalism, such is. It is earthquake-resistant. He laced superiors. The chief, if not a fool, is a high-paying workplace. Fools among the chiefs is not enough. Love for the leader of a nation not only among the oligarchs, it is bottled in ordinary people. After all, the chiefs also bottled in ordinary people. Yes, the oligarchs sometimes hear the whispers of criticism, it should be properly interpreted. So, where were we. The population loves the rich, but envy, too, need to be put somewhere, right? Here you stole a bagel in the market, you stand confused, legs shaking. What you are, go to jail?! I mean, who steals? Bucket excavator steal a car, you will become a man.

How much were you posiible? Milen, two? Again, you have doubt, after all, turned down the President. Here and there, not exaggerated Vladimir Putin, but rather understated. Forty million in our country pensioners, former Soviet citizens. Loves them is our President and who pays their pensions. They respond to him with mutual love and pay trust. In the homes of pensioners must have a TV, often not one. The pensioner loves his TV. He remembers his little, black-and-white, interference and hissing sound. He pounded on it with his fist. Television grew in its eyes, turned into a colored beauty.

In the TV there is always something available. Chair, stool, wheelchair, couch, cot. All this is a workplace of the pensioner. Yes, the retiree is in your life all sorts of things. But its main purpose is to watch TV. Otluca him from TV — he will die, definitely. This is his workplace. I want to emphasize too highly paid.

What do you want? The gift to stare at all this quadrille that glimpsed in the magic mirror? Every hour to see the President himself? It’s worth it. You think you free offer? At each TV location, housing monthly invoices. You have to get them to pay.

Long live the Russian oligarchs, thank the President, capitalism — hurray.

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