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48-year-old Naomi Campbell excited by the Topless

48-летняя Наоми Кэмпбелл взбудоражила снимком топлесThe supermodel never ceases to amaze his fans.

The famous British supermodel Naomi Campbell, who recently turned 48 years old, have not lost their perfect figure and often pleases fans with news of his life.

Often candid photos star publishes on his page in Instagram.

So, this time on his page in the social network of Naomi Campbell posted a photo with a friend.

In the picture, which appeared in the account model, she’s posing Topless with a friend. Girls are depicted as if in a dance, and their hair is messy, but cover the chest. From the clothes on the model and her friend’s bright, colorful shorts that bare long legs. And on the feet of models from pumps to stilettos.

In the caption to the photo Naomi Campbell touching congratulated her friend on his birthday. «Happy BIRTHDAY @cturlington. What can I say the most beautiful woman in the world and beyond? May this year bring you everything you want, and beyond the blessings! One of the most compassionate with a heart of gold, you so inspire me. Sending you all my love. You’re 32 years old, and you’re strong, because yesterday you asked me to be your roommate! I will always be grateful for all the blessings you are giving me, hugging me! You’re my chosen family. You, Linda and me. I cherish our family. I love you, enjoy your special day,» wrote Campbell in the caption to the photo.

Fans of the model remained indifferent to such pictures and touching greetings from Naomi Campbell, and began actively to discuss it. Many the like, and they fall asleep star compliments, and some joined in the congratulations girlfriend model.

48-летняя Наоми Кэмпбелл взбудоражила снимком топлес

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