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10 cities where you can go in winter, lovers of heat

10 городов, куда можно отправиться зимой любителям теплаBritish The Telegraph has suggested, where warm in winter.

British The Telegraph gave advice, in what city should go in the winter for warmth. In a list of 10 destinations entered Paphos, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro. The experts have made the top 10 cities where you can go in winter all lovers of heat and sun.

Opens the list of one of the ancient capitals of Morocco, Marrakech. In November and December the air temperature is +22°C. Tourists are advised to explore the oldest part of the city’s Medina and visit the Central square Djemaa El-Fna.

Another option for winter travel – Buenos Aires. The Argentine capital will finally be in the power of summer in December, when the thermometer will show +28°C. the city is not so many decent beaches. Instead, tourists are offered to go to a steak restaurant Recoleta and enjoy a wine tasting.

In winter also should think about a visit to the largest city in UAE Dubai. Travelers are advised to go shopping and climb to the tallest building in the world (828 meters). As a further incentive for a trip to Dubai will be a comfortable temperature, especially in February.

Entered the top-10 and the Cypriot city of Paphos. In the coming months, this resort will enjoy the warm weather. The sun is enough to swim after dinner at Faros beach and coral Bay. Paphos will be remembered for its ancient history, for example, Greek and Roman ruins in the Archaeological Park of the city.

Among the recommended to visit in winter cities have included Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Cartagena in Colombia, the Cuban capital, Havana, Sydney and Aqaba in Jordan.

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