Пятница , Январь 18 2019

In Spain the two-year child fell in the 100-meter well


Two year old boy fell into a narrow well, rescuers are unable to reach it. Spain two-year-old Julen during a family picnic fell into a narrow hole, the depth of which, presumably, reaches 100 meters. Tell all that is known about the incident and attempts to save the boy. How …

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Pirates over the past year intensified attacks


The most dangerous region is the Gulf of Guinea. In 2018 increased activity of sea pirates. This is evidenced by data from the report published by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) on Wednesday, January 16. It is noted that in the past year, there were 201 incident involving the pirates, …

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Jared Leto starred in an unusual advertising


Partner a celebrity for the shooting was Lana Del Rey. Jared Leto and Lana Del Rey starred in an advertising campaign for Gucci Guilty. Stars portrayed a loving couple. Jared and Lana had to back to the world of the 50’s, because the atmosphere chosen for your advertising video well-known …

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After the Christmas hangover Medvedev will be asked to leave


2019, the country began to the accompaniment not of fireworks, and demanding the resignation of the government and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Under such slogans took place in late December, rallies and pickets in many cities of Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Simferopol, Kursk, Penza, Vladimir… Cases — on the ruble, the …

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Lukashenko about relations with Russia: Here no one is applying


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes it is stupid and far-fetched to talk about the possibility of unification of the Republic with Russia. As the press service of the Belarusian leader, during the meeting in Minsk, he stressed that the Union of two neighbouring States can develop only on the …

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Everyday American images of hippies in the 70’s. Photo


The hippie philosophy had attracted many. These photos show young people who have created for themselves a new way of life, becoming members of the commune hippies. These communities spread throughout the United States: from the desert areas of the West to the South-West and New England. The new settlers …

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Found the remains of the largest birds in the world


The height of the individuals of this species reached five meters. Many paleontologists believe that some of the large flightless extinct birds had poor vision and at the same time well oriented with the olfactory receptors. Recently, experts have studied the remains of a skull aphornsuvan, which lived in Madagascar …

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